Elite TaeKwon Do is led by Master Catherine Divine,  7th Degree Black Belt and President of Elite Taekwon-Do Scotland.  Master Divine’s Elite Taekwon-Do Schools are based in East Lothian, Midlothian, Edinburgh, Borders and the Isle of Arran.  Master Divine has won a number of medals from European and World Championships.  


Taekwon-Do literally means Foot (Tae) Hand (Kwon) Art (Do) - the Art of Hand and Foot fighting. Taekwon-Do is a Korean Martial art. The Founder of Taekwon-Do was General Choi Hong Hi. The name Taekwon-Do was given to this fighting art on 11th April 1955 by Gen Choi.
Elite,  affiliated to the world governing body the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) under Union. The ITF is the original Taekwon-Do Organisation, founded by Gen Choi.  All our Instructors are fully qualified and insured to teach Taekwon-Do within the United Kingdom.

Elite Ninja's (3-5yrs)

Our new Elite Kickers programme is the fun and safe fitness training programme for children aged 3 to 7 years old.  The programme will help each child find greater self-confidence and self-esteem, while improving their physical development. The benefits of learning a martial art at a young age are endless.  Our classes provide children with essential physical exercise in a caring but discipline stimulating environment.


Elite Kickers (5-7yrs)


Our Elite Juniors has been tailored specifically to suit children from the ages of 7 to 12 years.  Our programme steadily introduces children to the Korean art of Taekwondo through the use of  variety of physical exercised which are both enjoyable and challenging. Children are able to develop confidence and form positive relationships with other children through the use of independent/team building exercises, thus improving children's social skills in general.


Elite Juniors/Teenagers/Adults


Our teenagers train alongside adults and senior students, we feel is the best way for advanced progression through the art.  Our classes are separated in ability and age group thus pushing students in the right areas of abilities.




We have a number of family classes allowing both parents and children to train at the same time. We also offer exclusive family training deals.




Our students are given the opportunity to compete at both local and international level.  At Elite we have trained  many world champions and continue to do so.  Our group hosts a number of  events  throughout the year to help students reach new levels and achieve thier goals.  Our competitions are not just for the young. We have a number of categories allowing participants to take part in  non contact/ contact  or light contact sparring.