Monthly Fees

Monthly Taekwon Do training is based on prepayment for classes.  Training fees are  paid on first of each month. A full month’s training is required for each month regardless of holidays . Makeup sessions are encouraged for any missed or cancelled.  You can train under any Instructor you wish. 


If you end up leaving the group one day. You MUST cancel your ''Standing Order''  right away. We cannot be responsible to refund members who forget to cancel this.  Also please email us to inform us. We hope you stay for long time but we do understand not everyone stays.  




£40 per month (Individual)

         £50 per month (2 family members)

         £60 per month (3 family members)

( Attend as many classes as you like )

** Free trial session**

We have huge saving on family training.  Please speak with your Instructor for further details or email us.

Please email us for our Sort Code & Account number

Ref: Students name.  Please email us directly once payment is set up.  Please note, this must be set up as a ‘’Standing Order’’ not fast payment transfer. Thank you

Gradings - £40.  This is a two hour class, with workshop included.  You will receive a new belt and official certificate on completion of grading exam.


Licence/Membership- £35. Annual payment required for all students taking part in martial arts training, grading, assessments or competitions organised by the club or association. If more information required please contact us

Suits - £40.  Suits are high quality and have Elite/ITF badges embroidered


Sparring Equipment - Macho or Top Ten. Only approved by the ITF. Please email for costs.


TaeKwon Do Colour Belt Book - £12 signed by Mr Dutton

We have club promotional gear and other accessories in our shop